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Friday, June 4, 2010

how to meet a vegan halfway, so to speak

in my attempt to meet keaton half way on this vegan kick she's on (no pun intended), i've discovered a veggie burger made out of ground sirloin from cows fed only grass and spinach.
keaton claims it's a hamburger just the same but i beg to differ.
it's a meaggie burger if it's anything.
and nothin' for nothin' it's chock full of wholesome goodness.
the kind only 500 calories of trans fat can bring you.
and the best part is, it actually tastes better than a real veggie burger.
hard to imagine i know, but true nevertheless.

[you know, this vegetarian stuff isn't all that bad really.
you just have to know how to approach it.
that's all i'm sayin'.]


Anonymous said...

ok the comment about 500 calories of trans fat is just so dumb on so many levels it ruins the whole observation. The possible high wit is ruined with a scoff at BASIC knowledge.

Robert Crane said...

alas, i remain a dim wit. you are so right!