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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the happy/unhappy breakdown

i was trying to calculate the happy/unhappy percentages of my life so far.
i'm fairly certain it amounts to 43% happy, 38% unhappy and 29% don't know (i.e., sleeping).
i know that adds up to 110%, but that's what i'd like to believe i give most of the time.

at first through third glance, those percentages are nothing to write home about, but at fourth glance, they start to look much better.
truthfully, a big portion of that unhappy was from high school, which is a distant memory, as long as i stay away from reunions.
so it's not as bad as it might seem.
it includes two divorces too, which is going to add a quick 18% to anyone's unhappy count.
i mean look at larry king if you want proof.
he may be the most divorced, unhappy person alive.
he's so unhappy, he's sorta dead really.
that's my read anyway.

you know, maybe i could write home about this after all.
except i'm not sure the folks would understand why i'm writing, when a simple email would certainly do.
they're old fashion that way.

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