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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

(from the files) 524. an idea man

i fancy myself an idea man.
and when i'm not in the throes of another f-5 brainstorm, sometimes i think about all the ideas i already had that someone else came along and actually made happen.
starbucks, itunes, the two-for-one sale, and dogs named fido to name a few.
the problem is, i just don't have what people in the idea business call, the vision of implementation.
i lack the ability to see how to make the idea come to life.

like right now i've been working on edible pencils, you know, for people who like to chew on wood while capturing their thoughts.
but i can't see how to make the lead, lead-free, and therefore fda approved.
no vision of implementation.
it's killing me!

(well that and maybe the allure of delusion)


lightly said...

its not lead its called graphite, you don't need a fda approval to eat it.
its quite safe you don't hear many stories of "death by pencil poisoning"

Randy Johnson said...

Look there Bob, With Lightly heading up your R&D department you're off and running! Now we just need to arrange a conference call between you, the fine folks at No.2 Graphite Inc., and those guys over at Slim Jim®.

Robert Crane said...

ya know it reminds me of an old saying boys, "you can lead a horse to graphite but you can't make him eat it."

okay let's see:
R&D - Lightly
Marketing - Randy and Pam
QA - Itsmecissy
Big ideas - Bob

we need to fill general counsel, cfo, cio and eeaney/meany/miney shmoe.

any other readers want a piece of this gravy train?

itsmecissy said...

Don't forget EIEIO!

Randy Johnson said...

You got it Bob …I mean boss!
Find a comfy place to hang your hammock, because Pam and I will have this stuff selling like edible horse pucky in no time!

itsmecissy said...

BTW, when you start bringing in those six-figures, my QA position will be a paid one, right?