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Saturday, May 29, 2010

the express check out line episode

something very unsavory is going on in the express checkout lines.
i count every item and if i'm over, i take myself out, the way it should be.
but not every one self manages, and that's a very big problem.

why just this morning this rather testy older woman, probably four years my junior, had at least 21 items that i could count in the "12 or less" express check-out line.
so i shot her one of my looks that one can't help but know means, "you're way over the allowed item count miss i-don't-care-what-you-think-of me-and-i-cut-in-line-too."
so she flipped me a quick "ten cans of the same soup count as one. so don't be giving me the stink eye mister who-died and-made-you-the-official-express-checkout-monitor" look back.
so i gave her the old "you've got to be kidding me" stare, to which she just smugly smiled.

i mean ... really!
since when do ten cans of the same thing count as one?
i'll tell you ... some people man.

so i waited for her to get out of earshot and eyesight, and then asked the checkout clerk, since when do ten cans of the same thing count as one.
she said, i don't know.
i said, you don't know? isn't there a policy? i mean a count is a count.
she said, i suppose but the number is just a general rule, give or take a few things.
i said, but she had 21 items. that's not a give or a take. that's against the law.
she said, sir, no it's not.
i said, well it should be for cryin' out loud.
then i heard this sigh from the person behind me in line.
so i discreetly checked out his purchases and he had at least two dozen pizzas stacked up.
and i thought, this is exactly the sort of chaos that brought rome down. doesn't anyone see what is going on?

then i told the clerk to have a good day, even though society, as we know it, is certain to collapse by nightfall.

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itsmecissy said...

Grrrrrrr . . . and don't even get me started about shoppers who leave their unattended cart in line and then run around the store picking up things they forgot! THEN they get mad when they come back and I've moved ahead of their cart in line.

Or, how about entire families that come to shop Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Tia Rosie, Tio Pedro, etc., and block the aisles to chat with friends.

It's that "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME" mentality.