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Monday, May 31, 2010

(from the files) 901. the bullet discussion

keaton said, chris is the kind of friend who'd take a bullet for me.
i said, hmmm. really?
keaton said, what? you don't believe she would?
i said, i think she was being, you know, a little dramatic. i mean, a bullet. that's a bit much. maybe she wanted to borrow something and just said that to ... you know ... soften you up.
keaton said, no, she was serious. i'd take one for you.
i said, oh! no need to do that!
keaton said, it's not a case of need. i'd just do it. why? you wouldn't do the same for me?
i said, a bullet?
keaton said, you wouldn't take a bullet for me?
i said, well that's crazy talk really. if i took a bullet meant for you, they probably wouldn't stop there and shoot you anyway. no need for both of us to be dead. don't get me wrong. if it were my bullet, i'd take it. see how that works? i'll take my bullet and you take your bullet.
keaton said, i don't believe you!
i said, if it's any consolation, i'd take a paint ball for you. how's that? with goggles of course.
keaton said, oh really? don't do me any favors!
then she stormed out of the room.
as she did, i shouted, okay, no goggles!

then i thought, whew! saved that one right at the end there!


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Randy Johnson said...

It’s all in the Husband Handbook. Maybe you dropped your copy on the rush to the honeymoon, but I think it said something like this in Chapter 5, Bullets And Other Projectiles: “You can take a bullet for your wife or you can take a bullet from your wife, but one way or another you’re going to take that bullet.”

I re-read some of your other posts this morning too Bob, and I really think you need to go find that handbook.