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Friday, April 9, 2010

subway moments

sometimes when i’m on the subway, i pretend to be an undercover homeland security agent, especially if i'm wearing this one pair of sunglasses.
but once in a while i think some of the passengers are pretending to be terrorists, and i get nervous because they are better pretenders than i am.
so i stop before a situation breaks out like the last one, when one particular seedy character must have silently farted and i start screaming poison gas attack like the big baby i can be every so often!


lightly said...

funny but when i read the title i went in a completely different direction.

I think i will go buy myself a footlong

Jessica said...

Ah, the old homeland-security-vs. terrorist-on-a-subway scenario. We've all been there.

Robert Crane said...

lightly, not surprised, not surprised. i always count on you to do just that.

jessica, which do play: the secret agent or the nogoodnik?

both, thanks for stopping by and leaving a little something behind.

C said...

This is hilarious!