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Sunday, March 28, 2010

i'm one bean away

o'neil said, "callihan do yeh knoow why irish bean soup has only two hundred and therty nine beans in it lad?"
callihan thought a moment and replied, "i doon't really knoow there nelly. is it because of thee fam ine we had during those harsh years a while agoo?"
o'neil answered, "noo sooch luck behjeesus. it's because if we aidded one moore bean it would be two farty."

and that's the story of me life these days.
i'm just a bean away from being too farty.
just ask the rabbit i chased off the lawn.
he'll tell ya sure as shootin'.


stef-uh-nee said...

haha i found you through "next blog" :D congrats.

by the way.. this joke reminds me sooooo much of my dad. i'm going to email it to him. The irish in him will most appreciate it.

how can you go wrong?? irish and "farty", two things my father is :D

Robert Crane said...

first, thanks for taking the time to comment.
second, thanks for spelling out your name the way it sounds. it's helpful.
third, i hope your dad enjoys it!