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Saturday, March 27, 2010

dangerous yoga

recently i discovered i have high blood pressure and thought maybe a little yoga might be just the ticket to reduce stress and invigorate my innards.
so i put on a pair of boxer shorts and rifled through keaton’s fourteen yoga videos—she collects them like i collect microbrewery t-shirts—until i found one that fit the bill.
it started out easy enough.
i just stood there like a lump, breathing in and moving my arms about.

i began to think that i am a natural at this yoga stuff.
i continued without problems until the yoga guy commenced with a triangle pose called "three legged blind dog at dusk", at which point my options were few: 1) try it and die in an isosceles heap, or 2) forget the whole thing and take my chances on a stroke.
so i grabbed some tortilla chips and cheese whiz, and watched the rest of the tape.

i did find the new age flute music to be quite peaceful and probably just what the doctor ordered for my high blood pressure.

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