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Monday, March 29, 2010

good will stunting

keaton got back from her weekly massage, which by the way i'm beginning to think is the female version of a lap dance but that's a whole other man observation.
she said, noreen had an emergency so some guy eric filled in.
i said, eric?
keaton said, yeah, he's one of those blue-eyed, tall blond, slim nordic types. nice guy. a little firm but it still felt good. he did a good job.
i said, you don't say.
she said, well yeah, he was a little rough but even so. and he had big hands too.
i said, what did you expect from a male massagenist?
she said, from a what?
i said, you heard me, a male massagenist. with big hands no less. isn't that just what the doctor ordered?

keaton looked at me like i just came from the planet mars or something.

i said, what?!!
she said, you know all that good will you created last thursday when you went to that women's leadership conference with me?
i said, yeah?
she said, well it's over. you've squandered it.
i said, geez, that was quick. i thought it was good for two weeks minimum.
she said, well, think again.
and with that, she stormed out of the room, well as much as she could anyway with her storming muscles being all loose and puddy like, thanks to mr. nordic massagenist.
she blobbed out the room might be more accurate.

regardless, i got myself to thinkin', i don't know, which is almost always where i end up when a get myself to thinkin', i don't know when or how it is i go wrong so abruptly, but more often than not i sure seem to stunt any good will i earn before it's expiration date.
if the truth be told, i can spoil good will faster than a bucket of fresh milk in the arizona summer sun.
i'm beginning to think it's some sort of primordial wiring i'm just going to have to live with.
yeah, i think that's what it is all right.
what a burden.

another thought that came to mind is that eric sure is a good name for a massagenist, if i had to name one that is.

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