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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

967. a rupture in the 12/21/2012 rapture!

all this talk about the end of the world on december 21, 2012.
well i'm about to rupture the rapture folks.
big time.
all you have to do is look in your spam folder.
i have a boatload of emails from the future, specifically 2038, and let me tell you.
men will still need enhancement.
women will still have a secret weight loss program.
and i personally will be the object of a zillion hot babes' fling desire.
oh baby!

so good riddance 12.21.12 and all your "end of days" rabble-rousing!


lightly said...

2012 is the end of the world as we know it. the process has already started, people say the sun alignment may cause hell with our system, it happened the last time the sun was in that alignment. but i don't think so.
the leaders of the world be it politics or business couldn't get themselves out of a paper bag how the hell do you thing they going to get us out of this crap they created.
humans as a species we have not evolved at all, we have made major advances in technology but other than that we still just a bunch of monkeys in clothes.
2012 is the point when humans realize the hell cannot continue and a whole set of new leaders will be picked and the world as we know it will change.
anyone who thinks the economy is improving is living in the toilet bowl, the economy has not even reached the bottom yet, its got a long way to go to reach the bottom but it sure as hell moving there at lightning speed

itsmecissy said...

12/21/12? The world as we know it will end at 9pm this evening, right after President Obama gives his health care speech.

Pam said...

As humans we have a long way to go. It's pretty sad when compassion takes a back seat to "How can I make more money?" My cat, Bear, and my two horses are more sensitive than most people I know. Could that be th reason I have a cat and two horses?