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Monday, September 7, 2009

966. a bird afraid of heights

this is why i panic about coming back in another life as an animal of some sort.
i just know that if god has a hand in it, he will send me back as a bird.
mainly because i'm a fraid of heights and he likes to have dominion levity as payback from time to time.
and he'd probably make me a canada goose at that.
they fly high and often.
i wouldn't be able to do it.
i'd have to forego the "v" and walk the migration.
and have you ever watched them walk.
walk isn't even a word that describes it.
it's a waddle really, and a pigeon toed one to boot.
a pigeon toed goose afraid of heights.
what a mess.

maybe there's time to turn in my agnostic ways for some kind of guarantee.
i'd take a hippo right about now.
anything land loving really.


itsmecissy said...

I want to come back as an Eagle. They don't have to walk anywhere!

lightly said...

some of my managers are going to come back as snakes with shark skin or is that shark with snake skin