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Monday, August 31, 2009

963. a short history of the thing i'd do if i won the lottery

when i was in my thirties, if i won the lottery, i always wanted to try marine bootcamp just to see if i could make it.
you know, if i was made of the right stuff.
when i was in my forties, i gave up on that idea and decided if i won the lottery, i'd love to go one round with mike tyson to see if i could survive with no more than a bite on the ear.
it was certainly less crazy than the marine thing because iron mike was really aluminum mike by then.
now that i'm in my fifties, if i win the lottery, i'd like to be a walmart greeter for one week just to smirk at the people smirking at me because little would they know that i could buy aisle 12 if i really felt like it.


lightly said...

if i won the lottery guess which finger i would hold up

itsmecissy said...

Last Friday was the biggest lottery ever here in Kallifornia, $325 million. We rarely play but we played last week - a whole five dollars worth of quick picks.

Needless to say we didn't win (else I wouldn't even be posting here, I'd have my new Personal Assistant do it).

Except for putting aside college money for all the kids in the family and paying off all the mortgages of their parents, I really have no idea what I'd do with all that money.

OK, a huge house right on the beach would be nice.