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Sunday, August 9, 2009

948. julie and julia movie review

okay, if anything, julie and julia certifies meryl streep as the best actor alive.
her julia child is uncanny (and that's not a word i throw around carelessly).
i found myself laughing out loud by just her slightest movements.
she was delicious.

now it is not often that i have had the pleasure of reading the adapted book before seeing the movie.
gotta go back to the exorcist for that.
but i did read julie powell's "julie and julia", which really was the catalyst for this nora ephron classic.
(assuming you know about the storyline by now. you know, all those recipes in so little time.)
and what a fun read it was.
a blogger after my own heart she is, especially the food part.
and that humor of hers.
what a talented writer to translate it to the written page.

mostly though, her story is all our stories.
just trying to figure out this thing we call life.
making it purpose driven without all the rick warren.

as for nora ephron's interpretation, it was effectively different.
not sure what she was trying to do with eric (julie's husband and stoic project supporter) though.
julie's eric was simply a better guy.
i liked efron's julie, but i like julie's julie as well.
all in all, it was nora's ear for wit (and she had plenty to work with) that made it such a joy in the end.

let me put it this way.
"julie and julia" is one of those movies that defines a bob moment with such clarity that it will be carried along my journey much like an old trunk of favorite clothes.
occassionally to be reopened, dusted off and tried on before a mirror.
and i will remember where i had been.


itsmecissy said...

Went and saw the movie yesterday and was not disappointed by Streep's performance. She IS Julia Child.

Wow. Now I have write something too.

Anne said...

I also read the book and couldnt wait for the movie! I more than enjoyed the movie. We planned dinner and a movie!...Great dinner...and great movie. I think the book more focused on Julie and the movie more focused on Julia. But you do what you have to do! I am off to read my Julia Child cookbook!...Bon Jour!

Robert "Cranelegs" Crane said...

cissy - streep was just brilliant. I'm telling ya, she had me laughing almost no stop, even when she was just standing there.

anne- thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a message.

to both - if you read the book, do you agree that eric's running out without a word and not contacting julie seemed odd given his character? that did not happen in the book and seemed like a strange thing for ephron to do. just curious what you guys think.