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Saturday, August 8, 2009

947. on keaton's wait list

in the past year, keaton became a certified life coach.
last night while watching seinfeld it occurred to me that maybe i could use a little life coaching.
nothin' for nothin' but being bob 24-7 is no sunday picnic.
i could use a little direction.
so i called her on her cell phone while she was upstairs.

i told her i was in the market for such services, and that i'd like to schedule a free initial consultation with her to see if we had the right chemistry to move forward in a coach/client relationship.
i also insisted that if we did decide to move forward that i would not expect any special breaks on her hourly rate (even though i knew she would).
she appreciated that and asked if it would be all right if she got back to me—she needed to look at her calendar, which was downstairs in her office.

i said no problem and hung up.

a moment later she came through the den and disappeared into her office.
then she went back upstairs with a notebook in tow.
my cell phone rang a minute or two later.
it was her.
she said she was sorry but she's not taking on any new clients right now.
she told me i'm number eight on the wait list.
i asked if there was any way she could move me up the list, given my special stature, but she insisted that would be astucious and could not do so in good coaching conscience.
i said i understood, that's why i loved her, even though i didn't know astucious from adam.
anyway i reminded her that the bobby flay vegetarian burrito smackdown was about to start on the food channel.
she said she'd be right there.

i guess i'll carry on aimlessly, albeit unastuciously, a while longer.


itsmecissy said...

Had to actually go look up the definition of astucious.

Yup, that's you alright.

Robert "Cranelegs" Crane said...

well can you clue me in?