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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

944. the job fair

tomorrow, it's off i go to a job fair.
got my job fair hair cut yesterday.
pretty, pretty ... pretty snazzy.
tried on some old suits today.
not so snazzy, more like snuggy.
so i'm going with a little what i call "euro-flair": black cuffed pants, white oxford shirt, and a really smart sports jacket.
don't ask me why i know the jacket is smart—really smart.
that's what the salesman told me, which makes sense because i really look dumb without it, or so he said.
finally, a snappy job fair tie and my lucky american and mexican flag lapel pins and i'm set.
plan to take about a dozen copies of my resume.
that, a good attitude, and disarming smile should just about take care of it.
oh, and i'll be escorted by my pseudo step daughter, who unlike me is a looker but much like me is desperate for a job.

okay, the truth be told, i need to work on the attitude.
it's less than good.
it's less than so-so actually.
but it's better than piss poor.

the problem is i really want to write or build wind turbines or make peanut butter.
anything to keep me out of the corporate exercise yards.
oh well, we'll see.
i'll probably land something because, among other things like vacuuming and exaggerating, i'm a pretty good fooler (sometimes i wish i wasn't though).


Pam said...

Knock 'em dead!

lightly said...

you go get them tiger

itsmecissy said...

I think a Jerry Garcia tie will seal the deal but thank god you're not wearing those madras plaid shorts.

Seriously, I wish you all the best my cyber friend. Remember: never let them see you sweat.

P.S. As for attitude, I passed 'piss poor' years ago.

Robert "Cranelegs" Crane said...

the three amigos!