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Thursday, July 30, 2009

936. tomato thoughts

keaton and i are trying our hand at growing tomatoes this year, shamed into it by my mom.
we live in the so-called garden state, so i figure it's as good a place as any to try.
i say so-called because the trying isn't producing.
we have ten plants comprising three or four varieties.

two of the plants have been straining to yield one tomato each and are collapsing from the weight.
i know plenty of couples that have one child, i am such a parent, but i don't know many tomato plants.
it's almost like they are staging some kind of tomato plant protest of some sort.

of all the tomato plants in the world i'm stuck with a couple of joan baezes.
i wonder if they know something the other plants don't, because all the others seem to be waiting for the message.
that is except for one, which seems to be cranking them out like octomom, which makes me wonder if the plant is looking for a shot on some horticulture reality show, like new jersey has tomato talent or some such thing.

it's all very curious.
that's all i'm saying.


itsmecissy said...

We are attempting to grow a yellow pear tomato plant oursleves. It's quite large, has it's own cage and has a number of yellow flowers (potential fruit) but it just hasn't been hot enough. Coastal weather is not condusive to tomato growing and I'm not complaining!

I've already grown and replanted a dozen basil plants (they are delicious), so I know I'm doing something right there.

Best of luck to you both.

itsmecissy said...

No we aren't growing them up our sleeves. Shoulda spelled it 'ourselves." Sorry, I'm no good with typing after 2pm ...