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Monday, July 27, 2009

932. the forever stamp dilemma

i really don't know what to do with these forever stamps.
i don't want to use them until they're worth more than i bought them for.
i had to explain this recently to ned gumphil our local post office guy.

it went sort of like this.

i said, ned i don't want anymore of those forever stamps. i need a 44 cent stamp and that's it.
he said, but don't ya see, you can use them now and also when the prices go up. the u.s. postal service listened, we are giving back, and now you don't want any part of it. that's just not right bob.
i said, ned, you didn't listen to me. it's a dumb idea. i have piles of them at home but won't use them until they're worth more, which won't be for some time, and if it's all the same to you, i'd prefer 44 cent stamps because i have bills that need to be paid today.
he said, bob i don't think i've ever run across such a bad thinking brain as yours. but if that's what you want, i've got a couple of those simpson stamps sitting around here somewhere. now, they're a collector's item if the truth be told. you see, those you should save. but no. not you. you don't have good postal sense.
i said, oh, i have cents. 44 to be exact and i need a stamp i can use. don't you have those good old american flag stamps anymore?
he said, old glory? no. your buddy benny took the last of them yesterday.
i said, give me a simpson one then.
he said, okay. got a few right here.

and that's when it struck me that maybe these forever stamps would make an excellent investment portfolio.
in five years i could sell them at a mark up and make some serious coin.
maybe i could even manage a mutual postal fund.
this is killer.
i am such a financial instruments visionary.
and yet the painful irony, i have no money from the past.


Pam said...

I went to pay a bill the other day and I thought I was out of stamps, ony to discover I had one of those forever stamps in the back of one of my desk drawers. The only problem is, it was so old I had no idea how much it was worth. I took it to the post office and they told me it went back two years so I needed three cent stamps to make up the difference.

As far as I'm concerned those things are a pain. I wish they'd put the price value on the stamp.

However, it is fun to send out bills with snowmen forever stamps and three cent star stamps. Makes everybody wonder.

itsmecissy said...

The day before the price of stamps went up the second time, I went to Costco and bought $100 worth of those Forever stamps. I'm still using those stamps today, at the old lower price.

So take THAT Uncle Sam!