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Saturday, July 18, 2009

925. the neck tie and life

probably the dumbest wardrobe accessory i can think of is the neck tie.
its only function is to latch on to the throat of its host like a fabulous parasite.
it is agreed in fashion circles, which i dabble in only to maintain my rather suspect reputation as a gq kind of guy, that the inventor of the modern day tie is jesse langsdorf, who patented the neck serpent in 1924.
ironically, and i might say deservedly, he died at the hands of his own invention.
he was strangled when his tie got caught in the rollers of a mechanical laundry press.

well i read that somewhere anyway.
actually, i wrote it down and read it.
okay, i don't know how he died, but you can't blame me for wishing life is a self-correcting endeavor.

1 comment:

itsmecissy said...

Mr. itsme has to wear a suit and tie EVERYDAY, calls it his monkey suit. (He's soooo handsome!)

Anyway, the up side is that he wears only gorgeous Jerry Garcia ties. How bad can that be?