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Thursday, July 9, 2009

921. the population thinning plot

i think there is a plot at play to thin the population.
i'm speaking of those walk/don't walk signs at busy intersections.
i was always taught to "cross at the green, not in between".
then why is the guy, you know, the one from the men's room door who is running. always in red or with the hand up when the light is green?
then he turns green just long enough to get me half way into the road before turning back to red, signalling the cars to thin the population.
and in jersey, they thin!
it's no picnic in palm springs here.
i guess he's running because that's what i'm suppose to do.
personally, i cross in between now.
it's healthier and the kind of mavericky that suits bob fine.

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itsmecissy said...

Here on the Left Coast we have numbers that count down how many seconds you have left to get to the other side. I like those a whole lot better than the walk/don't walk symbols.

Re thinning the population: this is bad because . . .??????