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Thursday, June 4, 2009

888. fox news: loud voice in a small closet

it was reported on the heels of obama's cairo speech by fox news anchor, bunny megan kelly, that he never mentioned terror, terrorism or terrorist.
her comrade, fox vice president bill sammon concurred as if something subversive was afoot.
and let me be clear, they are right.
he never used those words.
instead, he spoke bluntly and eloquently of "violent extremists" and left 9/11 conspiracy enthusiasts scratching their collective heads by stating the truth of those responsible—al qaeda.
apparently, "violent extremist" (or specifically, al qaeda) doesn't translate for fox news.
they don't know what the words mean.
if it's not terror it ain't worth fearin'.

give me an f'in break!

this is why fox is quickly becoming a loud voice in a small closet.
too little vocabularly and too much blonde.


lightly said...

and a running joke for the simpsons

itsmecissy said...

Rut row Reorge, evil bob is playing with us again.

Over our grumpiness already, are we? And I was getting ready to send you the best e-couragement card I've ever found . . it had a picture of a Voodoo doll on it. Darn!!!

lightly said...

bob take the blue pills the red one's make you grumpy