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Thursday, June 4, 2009

887. the newest shortest novel

hemingway set the bar for writing the shortest novel.
six words (he claimed it was his best work).

"for sale: baby shoes, never worn."

not bad really.

i think i understand the plot but i'm waiting for the cliff notes to help me with the subtleties.

well after three years, i have finally finished an even shorter novel entitled, "an even shorter novel".
five words.

"my steak is overcooked!"

whereas hemingway's novel falls into the historical fiction genre, mine is of the true crime variety.
i too believe it to be my best to date, which is pretty good considering it's my first as well.


lightly said...

well in that case

here is my even shorter novel

"people are idiots"

bob said...

too wordy.

how about, "idiots!"

consider the editing pro sonny bono.

itsmecissy said...

How about "idiot peeps?"