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Thursday, June 25, 2009

914. on becoming an actor

i think i'd like to be an actor.
but i have a lot working against me.
first and foremostest, i am way too inhibited, mostly due to a very dominant subconscious that is forever wondering out loud what everyone else is thinking of me (and nothin for nothin, my subconscious is of the completely half empty variety).
second and foremoster, i can't memorize a line to save my life, mostly because i'm so busy wrestling with "mr. completely half empty" that i can't focus on anything else.
besides, reciting lines seems so fake, like i'm just acting or something, which i guess is what i'm trying to do—a situation i have tagged the thespian's parodox (not that there is anything wrong with that).
third and foremost, i'm a notorious face maker but not of the lead acting ilk, more like a good crowd person.
yup, if you need someone in a mob making a major face, i'm your guy—as long as i'
m not asked to shout something out like ... um ... "tally ho!" or "burn him at the stake!"
unfortuantely, i don't think there is much demand for the silent crowd type.

oh well, other than what i'd have to do, yeah, i'd like to be an actor.


lightly said...

life is a big act (okay a circus) , but if you want to get into the movie business , sleep with an exec and if you can fake it there you can fake it anywhere

Robert "Cranelegs" Crane said...

as i make my decision, thank you!

itsmecissy said...

Nah, being an actor is way overrated. You are much too special to be some ordinary, dime-a-dozen, cookie cutter-type person.