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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

913. keaton is silent

keaton is away this week.
she's in halifax, up in canada—same place pond fave lightly lives.

but that's not my point.
she's an hour ahead of me timewise, which means she is getting news way ahead of me (if they get news up there).
that makes me weak in our relationship.
but that's not my point either.
she's in a conference about "authentic leadership".
a very noble endeavor to me.
but when i didn't get my daily call from her, i got a little nervous.
so i sent her an email, knowing full well she is a blackberry junkie, making her accessible no matter what the conference rules might be.

i got a response.
she is not allowed to speak until after dinner—she'll explain later, when she can.

holy mackerels!
i don't know what to think.
i know this though.
what i'm thinking isn't something i'm quite prepared to share with anyone.

oh baby!

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