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Saturday, May 23, 2009

880. but bob you are no so much

we had our good friends from holland over last night for dinner.
one thing i like about the dutch, they can be blunt and they can be quick about it.

we had just sat down when marja said, keaton you look so tan and healthy but bob you are no so much. you look ... what's the word? you look of paste. why is that?

now i had to laugh because i had just spent the last two days weeding in the unscreened sun.
i was as burned as i could be.
but she was right.
i don't get color.
i just get ... well ... more of paste!

well more of paste or not, what a great night of blunt conversation we had!

and i wouldn't trade it for the world (or a coppertone tan for that matter).

1 comment:

itsmecissy said...

come on out to kalifornia, we'll get rid of that "look of paste."

I feel your pain. I can stay out for 3 months (with 1,000 spf suncreen) and only burn - damn fair skin and blonde hair!