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Thursday, May 21, 2009

879. not in my backyard? spare me!

ya know what i don't understand?
politicians of all types spewing this "not in my backyard" nonsense.
they are the same spineless bunch that carry on about supporting the troops, but when it comes to asking their constituency to ante up and sacrifice a bit, they take the politically expedient way out.
"not in my backyard".
if we need to house a bunch of american hating loons in the homeland, so be it.
don't like it?
too bad!
we have a juvenile detention facility just down the road.
put them there.
in fact, put them in the mayberry jailhouse and place barney fife in charge of security.
we'd still be safer than sending them back to their homelands for incarceration.
what these politicians are really saying is "don't ask me to ask for sacrifice!"


Pam said...

Put the American hating loons in front of a classroom of teenagers with raging hormones. I've been there and my paycheck was affectionately referred to as combat pay.

Anonymous said...

D'oh! Don’t get me goin, now! We send Joisey garbage to Pennsylvania. And spent nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain (unfortunately making that moniker quite apropos) and mercury tainted electronic trash to China.

And American hating goons are subject to extraordinary rendition in some far flung CIA hellhole prison. That’s America?

Dick Cheney’s role in the “war on terror” (as well as his hellbent endorsement of torture) is despicable. But on a lighter note, all they had to do was lock these guys up tight, pipe in the Mayberry reruns 24/7, and the information would flow freely…. Aunt Bea’s visage and voice over and over? … now that’s torture! Yow!