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Saturday, May 8, 2010

(from the files) 837. food for thought

being the elite thinker i am, i'm often asked to give lesser minds food for thought, to which i always suggest sizzlean because i have yet to figure out what it is exactly, although recently i'm zeroing in on a theory that it might have something to do with the stuff that spam manufacturers reject.


Randy Johnson said...

Spam, hmmmm? ...Reminds me of a famous Monty Python Skit, but then again doesn't everything?
spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam lovely spam, wonderful spa-a-m!

Robert Crane said...

speaking of something completely different, one of my favorite mp bits:

Randy Johnson said...

It was good to see that Python bit again Bob. Now I'm going to have to pull out the movie for another home viewing. A movie which by the way is chock full of scientific facts. I feel a little smarter every time I watch it.