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Monday, April 6, 2009

836. gladness turns to sadness in march madness

as a member of nova nation, there is no gladness but only sadness in march madness.
donning my villanova t-shirt, sweatshirt, and hat with my lucky nova hot toddy mug in hand, i sat down precisely at 9:13 pm saturday night for what i was certain would be a great basketball upset—a nova thrashing of the semi-pro north carolina "tarheals" (a rather appropriate alternative spelling).
by 9:54 pm saturday night, it was apparent that the only thing going to be upset was my stomach.
with eight minutes remaining in the game i did the unthinkable.
i went to bed early—a no good, nova nation nudnik.

and don't give me a hard time either buster!
i can't take it anymore.
enough already.
i'm too old for this.
let me be a poor sport in peace and quiet.

now all i can do is hope that michigan state takes care of business tonight, which pretty much is the kiss of death for the spartans.
such is my lot in life.
as woody allen so aptly put it, i'd never want to join a club that would have me as a member.
the sport corollary holds so true, no one should play on a team that has me as a fan.
alas, is there no probation to this life sentence i serve called bob's world?

oh well, there is always next year (that and the cubs winning the world series any time soon).

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Pam said...

The Lady Vols would have cleaned everybody's clocks. Now there's a basketball team!! Slam dunk.