"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

833. let him dance and eat cake

it's one of those home alone days.
and everything is going wrong.
the weather, the car, the financials, the dog, the intestines.
and yet all i keep saying is, let him dance and eat cake.

i don't exactly know to whom it is i'm speaking because this house is as empty as my skull three days running now.
not even sure i know what it means to be honest.

except it does put a smile on that face of mine, which gives the floury mess in the kitchen and scuff marks about the rest of the house a noble purpose.


lightly said...

it's never a good idea to leave and man and his thoughts home alone.

poor Keaton what hell has she let herself into.

Pam said...

How was the cake?

Keaton's Mom said...

Bob, you are spending entirely too much time 'home alone.' Can't you tag along with Keaton on her journeys? At least she would be entertained....

See you guys soon. You and I can go to Atlantic City and have some fun!!! I'll bring my quarters.