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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

andy has male mentalpause

andy said, women will continue to be objectified by a patriarchal system as long as their physical appearance is considered their primary asset and women continue to blindly self-exploit this male created myth and subsist the objectification by parading their bodies in a misguided attempt to play to this false source of feminine power.
benny said, i read about this.
andy said, read about what? i don't even know what i just said. it's weird but i've noticed that ever since i've turned fifty i get these flashes of deep women thoughts.
benny said, that's what i'm talking about. it's called male mentalpause. it's like hot flashes of wild feminist ideas.
andy said, exactly!
benny said, yeah, i read it in the latest issue of maxim magazine. you should get a prescription. ya know it's a lot more than just a bunch of hot pictures of hot television babes.
andy said, you mean i should get a subscription.
benny said, no! i mean a prescription because it's just what the doctor ordered my friend!
andy said, yeah, that kinda makes sense. what could be better medicine for woman thoughts than man stuff?
benny said, it's like the old sayin', a babe pic a day keeps the doctor away!
andy said, whew! you're tellin' me!

benny thought for a moment and then said, boy, it's good to know this mentalpause stuff doesn't last very long! personally, i dread the day.
andy said, yeah! it's brutal! just brutal! thanks for the help!
benny said, don't mention it. hey! what do ya say i drive ya down to borders right now and we fill that prescription!
andy said, not a bad idea. let's do it!

andy thought a little more and then said, hey, ya wanna call bob and see if he wants to join us?
benny said, nah, he's been like in permanent male mentalpause lately. he needs to come to grips with a few things first. no need to have him around while you're in this weakened state.
andy said, yeah, you're right. let's shake and do benster!

and off they drove into the sunset, just like thelma and louise, except totally the opposite.

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