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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

827. green with envy

my son is fifty percent irish.
on most days, i am zero percent, making today the day i am green with envy!

and ten hours from now ...
when asked if i am irish, i'll be answering, "i wish!", except it might be slurred a wee bit!


itsmecissy said...

I celebrate my Irish heritage today also (1/4 from my paternal Grandfather). Funny how it's all about green beer and cabbage (not necessarily taken together - talk about a stink source!)

Did you see the White House has green water in the fountain for the occassion?

And BTW bob, I saw your blook on Amazon, you have a Library of Congress ISBN (both ISBN 10 & 13)and everything!!! You're a real PUBLISHED author, congrats.

lightly said...

being published was the easy part, being purchased now that's the rewarding part.

I have 0 Irish heritage but then again I don't need an excuse to drink.

to Bob. itmecissy. pam. keatons mom and the rest of the posse


bob said...

Thanks Lightly!

And a toast to all:

"May the wind rise up to heat you, may the road be ever at your front."

(or whatever that expression is)!

Pam said...

Thanks Lightly. I have no Irish heritage either. Here's a toast to all of you beautiful people who hang out at the Pond...good champagne in a fancy glass.

itsmecissy said...

Ooooo, champagne, my FAVORITE!!!

Keaton's Mom said...

Gotta love the Irish!!! These folks know how to live, love and laugh, and make the best Irish Coffee I ever had in my whole entire life (and that's a loooooong time). I've a wee bit of Irish on my side, and it all came pouring out when I visited the isle.

What more could you ask for? A chair by the pond, a glass of your favorite, and conversation with Bob.