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Monday, March 16, 2009

(from the files) 534. work-life balancing dilemma

well i'm on blood pressure medication these days, thanks to dr. 'crazy eyz' riddlin.
that's a first.
never been on medication for anything before.
not sure what to think of it, except that i don't much care for it.

anyway, as the good doctor wrote the prescription out, he said, you'll be on it until you do a better job of balancing work and life.
i said, but that's like having rosie o'donnell on one side of the scale and ashley judd on the other. it's mission impossible.
dr. crazy eyz said, oh ... that ashley judd is a wild cat.
i said, that's not the point. think of rosie as 'work' and ashley as 'life'. ya can't balance them.
he said, i don't follow. you mean like one's gay and the other is a minx?
i said, no. no. no. one is so much more heavy than the other. they can't balance.
he said, hmm.

so i studied him for a moment, which is tough because his eyes are, you know, crazy.
then i asked, i hate to be a pain, but can i check your doctorin' certificates again.
he said, no problem. let me boot up my pc and hop over to phoenix university. my diploma is what they call, paperless. that's high tech speak for no paper.

dr. crazy eyz started typing away. then stopped.
he mumbled, this might take a while. a lot of traffic on my 51K dial up line.
i said, ya mean 56K.
he said, what?
i answered, i said i have time.


Lightly said...

rosie o'donnell can cause anyone BP to rise.

Ashley judd I think is cute, I like her

itsmecissy said...

I avoided BP meds for 5 years before I finally "gave in." Made me feel like I was getting older.

Been on a couple years now. Trouble is BP is way down, 126/76 (and lower) at home but it goes up to 140/90 when I'm in the Dr's office. Guess it's that "White Coat Syndrome."

Anyway, I figure when I retire and lose a little more weight ;) I'll be able to go off for good.

As for Rosie O'Donnell, I agree with Lightly but Ashley Judd is a little too thin for me to call her cute. Boyish is more like it. I prefer people with a little more "substance" to them.