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Thursday, March 12, 2009

826. shoes and frozen porkchops

i said, hey did you hear? that iraqi guy who threw his shoes at president bush got three years in prison.
keaton said, he should have gotten life for missing.
i said, now. now. that's not necessary.
then she said, well ten anyway.
i said, that'll be enough.
then i said, i wonder what he might have gotten if threw a frozen porkchop.
keaton reached into her holster and whipped a boneless chop right past my ear.
then she said, i'm sorry. what did you say?
i said, oh nothing. just thinking out loud.
she said, you know i can knock that loud real silent if you'd like.
i thought for a moment as she reached into her holster and pulled out a boned half pounder.
i said, nah, that won't be necessary. come to think of it, shoes and pork chops are like apples and oranges.
she said, now that's some good, clear thinking partner.
then she did that fancy dan pork chop twirling around her trigger hand before putting it back in her holster.

now i'm not complainin' or nothin', but it's always a little intimidating when she pulls that annie porkchop oakley showboat routine.
i'm just sayin', witness tampering in a way.


Pam said...

Thanks for reminding me; I need to get a pork roast out of the freezer for dinner tomorrow.

itsmecissy said...


itsmecissy said...

keaton, you GO girl!

Pam said...

itsme...Keep ROFL..it makes me want to ROFL.