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Thursday, March 12, 2009

825. what?!?!

we have a small bathroom on the first floor.
lately it's been filled with the smell of a dead mouse, annoying all of us to no end.

i was in there the other evening, minding my own business, reading utne magazine (don't ask).
a tap at the door.
keaton yelled, hey don't take too long, we have to get going soon.

always with the interruptions.
never any peace.
stopping my natural flow.
oh well.

as i was washing up, the dead mouse smell was getting to me.
so i searched again for the source.
this time getting on all fours.
then bingo!
i found it!
a one inch hole under the baseboard heating unit.
probably for some pipe that has long been removed.
most likely the dead mouse is in the basement ceiling just below.
a little plug and that would be that.
another job well done.
i couldn't wait to tell keaton and alix, who by now were pacing anxiously in the hallway.

so i came bolting out the bathroom door, stepped into the hallway and announced, hey i think i found the hole where the smell comes from.

they both looked at me like i had a third eye in the middle of my head.
then i said something that i seem to be saying a lot these days.
i said, what?!?!

keaton just shook her head and said, wonder of wonders.
then alix turned to her and said, tell me again! where exactly did you find him?

then it hit me.
i said, i'm talking about the mouse stink!
apparently there was some confusion about the stink source in question.


Pam said...

You need a cat! Cats can ferret out a mouse in no time. No muss, no fuss, mouse parts for kitty's breakfast.

By the way, did you extricate the pesky rodent or just plug up the smell?

lightly said...

pam, he is male. we are smart, we have skills in house repair, we can build things, we know the skills of dead rodent removal.

how dare you even thing to ask a question like that
its the natural thing to do, he plugged it up with wet toilet paper

bob said...

exactly lightly!

Pam said...

At least it wasn't used toilet paper...or was it?

itsmecissy said...

Bob Villa would know how to get rid of the dead mouse smell, he knows EVERYTHING!