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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

794. raising a vegetarian

someone asked me recently if i'd raise a child as a vegetarian.
now i had a son, and we did not.
we subscribed to the full pallet of food sources.
and he seems okay as a result—a little beef ornery maybe, but nothing to write home about.

now, if by some stroke of terrible luck, we had had a baby brontosaurus instead, well then, i wouldn't really have had much choice.
and if you don't think that can happen, then you're just not paying attention to the headlines on those news tabloids in the market checkout line.


itsmecissy said...

This is going to be a world-class bummer for you bob (as well "Dino the Dinosaur" fans), but there's no such thing as a Brontosaurus.

In 1903, scientists determined that Brontosaurus fossils were not from a new species, but from a dinosaur already discovered — the Apatosaurus.

They really aren't that much different from one another: longer snout, more delicate teeth, etc., and both are devoted vegetarians.

Just wanted to state this fact . . . for the record.

lightly said...

according to fred flintstone its a brontosaurus, so who are we to argue with fred.

bob said...

yeah, i knew that see. why it was a little misspelling. yeah, a misspelling, that's what it was. yeah, i knew it all along. why i owned an apatosaurus not too long ago. yeah. and we named it bronto. yeah. so you see, it was a little mistake.
yeah, that's the ticket.