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Monday, December 8, 2008

781. about that smarty pants suit fella named, anonymous

if you own a blog, you know whom i'm talking about.
that guy, anonymous, who leaves comments all over the joint.
i mean, some days he's in a good mood, others not so much.
but more often than not he has potty mouth like old man natoosh across the way.
and i have it on good sources, he's homophobic to boot.

i don't know.
maybe he just hates his dumb name, anonymous.
sounds like some kind of fancy greek philosopher if you ask me.
someone who traipses around the internets leaving highfalutin opinions in his wake.
as if he knows everything in my life and what's good for me!

well, if he is anything like old man natoosh, he might know a thing or two about septics, but other than that he's dumber than the gravel they're filled with.

so just mark me down in the unimpressed with mister smarty pants suit column.

1 comment:

lightly - not anonymous said...

hit a nerve did he, if it was not for the smarty pants of the world we would have to start picking on lawyers and political figures.