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Monday, December 8, 2008

780. this blogging stuff is tricky business

i've met a milestone of sorts.
i broke into the top ten humor sites listed at blogcatalog.
that's out of 6183 humor blogs (not counting the guys that pay to be at the top of the list).
you can see for yourself by clicking on the blogcatalog button over there in the righthand margin (about half way down), but trust me, it's true.

so i can hear it now—but bob, why are you tellin us this? today of all days? the day after pearl harbor remembrance day?
well, because i've worked hard to do it, and (here's the tricky business part) i don't know what i did.
tomorrow i could be back in the pack, none the wiser.
and as far as the timing of this announcement goes?
okay, it's a little insensitive, but i don't control these matters.

anyway ... so yeah ... there ya go.
a self-serving accolade with plenty of ac but no colade.
(i have no idea what that sentence means but it sounds about right)

(note to bob: should i ever make it to number one, don't do this again. it's pretty dumb.)

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