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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

774. the holding-door-open debate

over thanksgiving dinner, the family got into a heated argument about holding doors open for strangers.
(it's the type of discussion that puts the thanks in thanksgiving.)
the question under fire wasn't about whether to or not, but rather the length of the hold zone.
the populist answer was anyone within twenty five feet out from the door's epicenter qualifies for a door hold.
i made sure to brag that my personal best was probably fifty-five feet.
the outlier was poppy (our dad, real old school) who claimed not a hair under a hundred yards, which is why we never let him go shopping unattended.
the last time he did, it took him 7 hours to buy a loaf of bread (although he claimed he picked up fifty percent of the cost in tips, making gallantry not only personally satisfying but financially rewarding to boot).


lightly said...

the prettier she is, the longer you hold

bob said...

oh baby, i think you may have some esplainin' to do lightly!