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Friday, November 14, 2008

758. stuck in a poetry mood

it must be the weather or something.
but it strikes me as a poetry day.
so i thought i'd share one i wrote for a sweet young girl who touched me with a short poem she had written for me.
words that moved me to tears quite honestly.


A poem to me was written
By someone I had smitten
That cut to the core of my soul.

Most folks receive romance,
Or some kind of last chance.
Not I, as you’ll soon see below.

No syrupy "dear" sap.
No mush or that love crap.
Well once if the truth must be told.

But no verse moved me greater,
Nor stuck with me later,
Like this from a seven year old.

Her words shine great wisdom
(though not obvious to some),
That she felt had to be bared.

I stake no claim to it,
Nor altered it one bit.
Here goes and see why I’ve shared.

“Don’t go to Jupiter!
If you do you are Stupiter!”

(tears of laughter to be more precise)

1 comment:

Pam said...

Kids are great! Some of their one-liners are a howl.