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Sunday, August 8, 2010

little sunday music by gen hirano

came across this video.
the pianist is gen hirano.
no, he is not a gang banger.
yes, he is gifted.

i love this piece, samuel barber's adagio for strings (you might know it as that haunting music from the movie, platoon).
gen arranged it for piano and what a visually surreal performance.
hope you enjoy it as much as i.

(now if he would just play jazz, i'd get him playing duets with my brother licketty split!)

barber's addagio for strings


Pam said...

This particular piano piece inspired me to go outside with my watercolors and paint the trees in my backyard, with their various shades of green and glints of sunlight dancing through the leaves.

As for the pianist, he has muscles, brains, and obvious passion. Some guys have all the luck.

I'd like to hear him play some cool jazz, since that's my favorite music genre.

Robert Crane said...

you want smooth jazz, yoo've got it! http://www.rickcrane.net

Randy Johnson said...

Good Idea Pam! The trees in my backyard are looking a little unhealthy. I was going to try fertilizer, but maybe they just need a new coat of paint ;)

btw: Are you sure it was the music that made you do that, or are you into the wine again?

Pam said...

Ok Randy, what I shoulda written was paint a PICTURE of the trees. If your trees look unhealthy give 'em a good dose of horse pucky...or you could paint them.