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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

665. what came first, the penis or the brain?

i said, it's like the chicken or the egg, which came first?
benny said, ya know the problem with that expression is that it's female centric. there is no answer because women can't make up their minds. now if you want an answer to the question, ya got to ask the male version of that.
andy said, yeah, that makes sense i guess, but what is the male version?
benny said, easy. what came first? the penis or the brain?
andy said, that's a no brainer. the penis. get it? no brainer ... penis! not brain.
benny said, exactly.
and they broke into a brief moment of comforting man laughter.

i waited for the boys to settle down.

then i said, depends on your definition of "came".
benny said, no it doesn't. either way, it's penis. that's the beauty of this.
andy said, yeah, that's true. i have to agree with benny on this one.

i thought for a moment.

then i said, i don't know. it's harder than that.
benny said, the only thing hard is the penis, dickhead.
andy said, no, no, better yet, braingroin. get it? dickhead? braingroin?
benny said, that's a good one—braingroin!

and then they broke into more man laughter again, except this time i could tell it would be a while, which gave me pause to think that based on this conversation, i couldn't argue with their conclusion.

so i joined in all the hooplah and thought, is this my posse or what?


lightly said...

that's weird , i always thought the penis was the mans brain, didn't realize men had another brain somewhere.

itsmecissy said...

Sounds like an episode of "Bevis & Butthead" to me.

Pam said...

Guys always think with the same head.