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Monday, September 8, 2008

664. tips for job interview

there is a definable bounce in my steps these days.
my son has landed his first job.
and i'd like to think that i had something to do with it.
before he went forth on his interviewing campaign, i mentored him with the following: don't use the "s" or "f" words unless encouraged to by the interviewer, but don't fall for the trap and use the "b" or "c" words no matter how encouraged, and make sure your sneakers match your suit.

with those simple rules, and some parting words about not being discouraged after the first thirty rejections, he was cautiously optimistic (except the opposite) and good to go.

apparently, it made all the difference.

and soon it will be time for me to sit down with him, father to son, and have "the talk", you know the one, the right of passage one, the one about 401ks and the matching 3%.


itsmecissy said...

Congrats son-of-bob. I'm impressed kids wear suits (with matching sneakers) to job interviews anymore. Nice to know the tradition lives on.

Jenn Thorson said...

I'm sorta curious what occasions in the previous 30 interviews actually prompted use of the "S" "F" "b" and "C" words... Sounds like some very strenuous perspiration-beading-on-the-forehead interviewing.

bob said...

some things must stay between a father and son. (fortunately he didn't have thirty interviews; just two. and i don't think he needed to employ my advice, which is good because beads would be an understatement. more like buckets.:-)