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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

657. "alaska annie oakley"

one speech and she's margaret thatcher eye candy already, or so the claim of some gop insiders.
even rock star barack's climb to celeb pales to this new meteoric phenom.

and it hasn't even been a week yet, since we were all scampering to pronounce her name correctly.

and what have we been allowed to learn about her in the short time since?
she's a hockey mom, who by day is mild mannered household hero, sarah, but by night is freedom protector, alaska annie oakley, keeping the country's life blood flowing while saddled up with sixshooters pointed at the evil red menace beyond.
we have also learned that the difference between her and a pitbull is that she wears lipstick.
that's comforting i suppose, if dogfighting continues to be the way things get settled around these here parts.

well, call me elitist, but i would like to know a little more about her before the inevitable coronation in january.
a lot more.
like why she was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it.
like why the "thanks but no thanks" didn't include returning the nowhere bridge money to the beltway badlands from where it came.
like why she was lobbying for earmarks before she was ear smacking lobbyists.
like what does a pitbull, lipstick or no lipstick, do about healthcare, the economy, and stuff that goes on outside the dog fighting ring.

i don't know, i just want to understand what a maverick reformer plans to change before the changin' commences. i'm silly that way. and unfortunately it will be the "biased mass media" that will have to do the digging. the same "mass media" that did such a splendid "biased" job during the build-up to the iraq war.

and digging is what will be called for, as it is already apparent that the traveling republican rodeo is going to keep alaska annie oakley corralled, like a prized bronco.


itsmecissy said...

My biggest question: how can she be so devoted to protecting the right to life - giving birth to a "perfect child" with Down's Syndrome - yet unashamedly taking such pride in sending her oldest son to Iraq, to help kill the children of other Mothers?

That's no Maverick, that's a Hypocrite.

bob said...

i might not put it quite the same way as you, but i often wonder about the same inconsistency of pro-life values.

thanks for dropping by!