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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

645. the cranelegs blogging process

i start with a blank, new post form.
i stare at it until something strikes me.
i enter the thoughts into the blank form.
i reread and rewrite it maybe about fourteen times, fine tuning the wit and humor until it plays like a stradivarius (or so i'd like to believe).

after everything is said and done, sometimes i toss it.
other times save it as a draft for another day.
but mostly post it.
and when something is finally posted, sometimes it works.
other times it bombs.
but mostly i wonder what the hell am i doing.

however, sometimes the process ends where it all began, with a blank form, the visual equivalent of an ampty mind.
like today.
actually, more like now (except i filled it in with this process revelation stuff, which i'm pretty sure will fall into the bomb category, that is, after the "everything is said and done" business).

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