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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

644. uncle duke

uncle duke was a great uncle actually.
not in the sense he was fantastic but that he was older than new jersey.
he was also a well meaning fella who was short on sense and cents.
making him one of the weirdest gift givers of all time (or at least since gift giving was invented).
like the christmas he opened and closed four bank accounts to get the free gifts that he then wrapped and gave to the crane boys: steve (two years old) got a set of hair brushes, rick (5)an iron, doug (6) a toaster, and i (8) received a set of four dish towels in a pale blue poodle print.

not that i'm complaining—the dish towels were quite absorbant.
i'm just curious of the thought process he went through to determine who got what.
that must of been some kind of magic!

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