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Friday, August 22, 2008

642. the machofication of women and it's ugly effects

just because i can crochet myself into a tizz,
just because i can't watch sleepless in seattle without sniffling at the end like richard simmons in the grips of another obesity story,
just because i can trade most memorable project runway moments with anyone willing,
just because i occasionally (and i mean occasionally) take bubble baths,
doesn't spell the sissification of bob.
this rush to sissify is becoming a scourge i tell ya, just a god awful scourge.
they don't come any more manly than me, just ask my "low-impact tai chi for seniors" instructor (he respectfully calls me "the leotard leopard"!).

instead, i think this is all the direct result of the machofication of women.
i mean with the power walking, the barbershop crewcuts, the bawdry language, and the pants suits already.
the more women start acting like men, the more men seem like women, hence the sissification!
it's madness!
and needs to stop!

hmm ... what have i here ... (note to bob: toes are looking a little ragged, need to schedule monthly pedicure)

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