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Friday, August 22, 2008

(from the files) 62. ‘manstake’ number one

keaton asked, remember sandra, she was at the party last night?
i said, you mean the blond with the big, you know, breast things?
keaton said, is that how you have to describe women?
i said, what? i thought “breast things” was better than saying “boobs”.
she said, you are such a sexist sometimes.
i said, well i don’t talk like that about all women, like i’d never describe you that way.
she said, oh, so you’re saying i have tiny “breast things”!

once again, i realized that i was hopelessly trapped by my man logic and unsure how i got to this lowly place.
i figured it was best to accept punishment head on.

i answered, i’ll be going to my room now to contemplate this grievous “manstake” and i’m not expecting any dinner.
keaton said, you do that!

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