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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

631. cranelegs pond is off and running!

i've added a new thingy that counts visits to this blog over there on the right somewhere.
it's actually pretty cool but i have to stop visiting myself.
don't need to run the numbers up because they stand on their own.
by my calculations, let's see, 1116 - 1112 tests leaves 4 visitors since july 24th—double my expectations.
not bad really, considering this blog has been around only about umpteen years.
so i don't think it's a stretch to say cranelegs pond is finally running on all one cylinder.
probably should start taking orders for ad space to make some serious coin from the operation.
maybe i should get a publicist to be my voice to the fans.
a buffer of sorts.
god knows what lesser bloggers will say or do to bring me down, now that i am the creme de la creme and whatnot.
and while i'm at it, i better practice firing off snapper one-liners to what i'm sure is going to be a tricky probing inquiry from oprah herself.
yup, better free up the old calendar.
bob's on the move.

(yeah, this is good. delusion in the hands of the desperate. this is very good.)

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