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Monday, August 11, 2008

630. home alone - episode seven

i've been home alone for over a week now, with another week to go.
and i'm behaving differently from the past.
it's reflected mostly by my choice of movies.
like the other night for instance.
girl interrupted.
(not hostel II).
before that, once.
(not cloverfield)

i ran this by andy and benny.
they told me choices like that are troubling, and threatened a poker and porno intervention of some sort.
i said they're nuts and asked them if they saw the movies.
i won't repeat their answers, except to say they haven't and find the whole thing a bit unmanly.
so i told them not to worry that i felt comfortable in my skin, to which they said that was some kind of gay speak.
and with that, they told me the intervention is off until keaton gets back and i've returned to my manly senses.

then i thought, okay so maybe the "comfortable in my skin" was a stretch, especially with this god awful poison ivy i've been battling.
but to call off some male bonding as a result?

oh well, it's not a total loss.
now at least i can watch project runway in peace.
and oh baby!
i know that would would raise some unkempt eyebrows among the boyz.


Keaton said...

Perhaps "Out of Africa" would be a good movie choice...

Keaton's Mom said...

And you, Bob, are surely thinking, "Not soon enough!"

itsmecissy said...

I tried watching Project Runway last night . . . I don't get it.

"Out of Africa" is more "me" - I've seen it 4 times.

Keaton's Mom said...

Keaton and the lovely daughter will be home soon, and the frig can be cleaned out at last. It's only been three weeks, so it shouldn't smell too bad...I'm sure Keaton can make something wonderful out of the leftovers, or at least some of them.