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Sunday, August 1, 2010

610. a party exit poorly executed

we were at a family gathering of cousins, uncles and aunts recently, and the "good bye" exit time set a record.
sixty four minutes to be exact.
and i was left wondering why.

after some thorough mulling over, i figured out why: i have a renegade exit-stop-and-chatter in my posse.

i'm of the rather blunt opinion that if after four hours you are not able to have a conversation with all there, the "good bye" exit is not the time to do it.
it can wait three years until the next time.
unfortunately, i have one posse member, who will go nameless, that uses the "good bye" exit to complete her stop and chats, and in the process makes a boat load of future plans.
the takeaway: don't leave her to do an exit wander around unattended.

it was so bad yesterday, that i had forgotten who i said good bye to already and double "good-byed" many.
in one case, it was the triple, as rare a good bye blunder as ever one could make.

so the key is to corral my posse on the exit walkabout.
keep them close and keep them focused.
with a little fine tuning i should get this under the acceptable nineteen minutes in no time flat.


Ladygoodwood said...

You have the ability to awaken so many memories for me - usually cringe-worthy ones. My mother takes longer to say goodbye than she does on the actual visit! her goodbyes take so long she then needs another bathroom call. I swear when we get to her funeral and her casket passes along the conveyor belt and through the curtains, the conveyor belt will reverse and she will pop back through the curtains for encore after encore!

itsmecissy said...

I have one of those in my "posse" also. He gets it from his Mother. Drives me up a wall!!!