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Saturday, June 14, 2008

570. mermaid to freedom fighter

keaton said, i don't know, i need to do something more than this.
i said, well in those green army fatigue clam diggers, all ya need is a bandanna and you could be a third world guerrilla.
keaton said, ya know, that's it! yeah, a guerrilla moving from camp to camp, a real freedom fighter.
i said, if the pants you're wearing are from banana republic, it's almost a sign.
she said, yeah, it is a sign.
then i thought for a moment and said, ya know, it's a far cry from being a mermaid though.
she said, that's what i'll retire to after i free the repressed.
i said, that would make for a pretty old mermaid. you don't see many of those, if any.
she said, well then i'll be the first.
i thought, holy cow, a jungle fighter. my pseudo-conjugal visits are gonna be something!
i said, hey j.crew has some snappy camouflage capris, let me buy you a pair as a going away present.
she said, geeh, you're the best.
and i mumbled, oh baby, let me row this boat ashore!

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Keaton's Mom said...

FYI, Mermaids NEVER get old, they just get more beautiful. And they can grant any wish, so I've heard. Maybe instead of a jungle fighter she should costume up with a Mermaid outfit. It might bring her good fortune... :)
Do 'ya think?